What is Bonding?

Bonding on the front teeth is an excellent method for repairing minor imperfections such as chips and stains. It can also be used to fill gaps between the teeth called diastemas. Although no cosmetic dentistry procedure can take the place of good oral and periodontal hygiene, bonding can brighten your smile quickly and easily.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry Financing

Many dental insurances generally doesn’t cover cosmetic dentistry procedures because these procedures are viewed as personal choice. However, many people realize that the aesthetic appearance of their smile is extremely important to many aspects of their life, and will assume the cost of the procedures. We will do everything we can to insure that financing your procedure is feasible. The […]

Arlington Water and Fluoride

Arlington water does contain fluoride at the correct levels which are beneficial to your teeth.  It is ok to use an activated charcoal filter such as a Brita filter, or the filter on your fridge.  Reverse osmosis filters WILL take out almost all of the fluoride in the water.  These filters are rather large and cost thousands of dollars.   […]

Children dentist in Arlington Va

Americans spend billions of dollars a year on dental care but ironically, most of that money is spent on fillings and root canals –the expensive aftermath of years of oral health neglect. Study after study show that children who receive good oral health care starting at a young age tend to have less oral health problems as adults, yet 1 in […]

CT Scan/Cat Scan

KODAK 9000 3D  CT Scan.  We are currently offering CAT scans in Arlington va for $250.  If you have medical or dental insurance please dont forget to bring your insurance cards because both may cover the scan.   In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best care possible, we have recently added the KODAK 9000 3D CT scan […]


Our current special for Invisalign is $2590 for mild cases.  More than 1/3 of our cases qualify as mild Invisalign treatment.  We also offer low monthly payments of $119 with no down payment.  With this treatment you also receive the professional teeth whitening service for free.     Please call  (703) 522-2600 to book your free consult.   Invisalign® utilizes 3-D computer […]

Dental pain

We are open on the weekends to treat your dental pain.   Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.  please call 703-522-2600 and you will be prompted to dial option “1” to be connected to Dr. Roca’s cell phone.  If there is no answer please leave a message and he will get back to you. Dental Pain When the average dental […]

Gum disease effects your whole body

Gum disease will afflict 75% of adults after age of 35, and it’s their major cause of tooth loss. Unfortunately gum disease is a silent killer.  Most people are unaware that they have gum disease.  The most common symptom is bleeding gums. With bleeding gums, it is important to interact early.  If caught early enough, it can be reversible by […]

Dental implants to replace missing teeth

Dental Implants   The perfect smile is the window to better social relations. A better social life equals a better life. But it’s pretty hard to smile when you don’t feel or look like it, dental implants may help. Not everyone was blessed with a Colgate model’s smile. It could be a mix up by the higher powers or an […]

What are retainers?

Retainers are removable or fixed appliances usually made of acrylic, metal or a combination of both. “Tooth positioners” are a type of rubber retainer that resembles a mouthguard. Retainers are worn after Invisalign are removed to keep the teeth and jaws in place until they are accustomed to their new positions.