Dental implants to replace missing teeth

Dental Implants


The perfect smile is the window to better social relations. A better social life equals a better life. But it’s pretty hard to smile when you don’t feel or look like it, dental implants may help.

Not everyone was blessed with a Colgate model’s smile. It could be a mix up by the higher powers or an accident which lead to a few missing teeth, luckily there is a solution

How exactly one may ask?

Two words; dental implants.

Dental implants are basically titanium roots which look a lot like a real tooth used in dentistry to replace a missing tooth. The procedure involves placing the titanium root into the bone.  Once the bone grows on the surface of the implant, a crown can be placed on the implant. And walla! No more missing puzzle pieces to your perfect smile.

dental implants in arlington va. we place and restore the implant in our office

The best part is that its as good as the real thing as its permanently secured into the jaw like natural teeth! There won’t be any worries as to your teeth shifting out of place like dentures.

So if you’re somewhere in Arlington, Virginia, Dr. Roca is the man to call for your first date to a toothsome ever after. Dr Roca provides dental implants at the infamous Roca Dental office in Clarendon. So what are  you waiting for?

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