My family and I love doctors Roca. Aurelio is the best dentist in the planet and Adam follows dad’s steps. We are lucky having them in the Metropolitan area.

Marcela Vergara ,

Roca Dental is excellent. I’ve been a very satisfied patient for over 5 years and never hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. Very grateful to have discovered them.

J. White ,

Went in for an Invisaline consultation and walked out really happy and confident in coming to Roca Dental. I have never had a great experience at any kind of dentist office but everyone here was happy to be at work and was very personable with all the patients. For the first time I won’t cringe when scheduling a dentist appointment.


With a child complaining of a toothache, Dr. Roca and his staff opened up there office to a quickly scheduled appointment and visit accomodating both my busy schedule and my daughter’s school schedule. We were able to get in, get a check-up, explanation of what was going on, a follow-up plan and an exit that allowed my daughter to get back to school in time to only miss half of her recess! Many thanks to Dr. Roca and his staff for their efforts. They are fantastic, caring people that I can’t recommend enough! Thank you!


Must say my experience at Roca Dental was as pleasant as it could be considering we are talking about a dental procedure. Was not only informed of every detail regarding the procedure, but also shown before and after pictures. After many years of dealing with multiple dental offices in the area, I believe I have found a home with Roca Dental. Dr. Adam Roca and his staff were highly professional and engaging during my visit. Highly recommend without reservation!


State of the art technology, nice treatment rooms (large windows), plus a kind and caring staff = outstanding experience. They take the time to explain everything to you, which I very much appreciated. I never felt rushed, yet I was in and out in no time! Highly recommended!


I went to dental school with Adam. There I had the pleasure of having seven different dentists each do a filling on my teeth (I had some cavities ) . They all hurt me. Each one was sensitive for a period of weeks after, and some still are sensitive to flossing.

A year ago I had Adam do a filling on me. Not only was it painless in all respects, he used the latest technology (stuff I hadn’t seen yet) to make the filling perfect. It never had ANY sensitivity. It never had ANY sensitivity to flossing (which is hard to do). WELL DONE SIR!

Thanks for being me dentist.


Stephen M. Kuzmak, D.D.S.
private practice, Baltimore, MD.h

Stephen M. Kuzmak, D.D.S.,

After years of hearing my sister in law praise the Rocas I finally took her advice and transferred from my terrific dentist (in another town; quite a drive) and made an appointment. First, thanks to Beverly Roca for welcoming me and arranging my appointment and transfer of records. I appreciate her efforts in making a smooth transition for me. And awesome praise and gratitude to Dr. Aurelio Roca. In all the years I have been going to dentists I have never, ever had such a thorough examination and briefing about the condition of my teeth, gums, etc. I thought I had experienced everything good in what dentists can offer, but was completely amazed by Dr. Roca. He is a top-notch dentist in every sense: knowledgeable, up to date, professional, and has a terrific staff. On top of all that he is a very nice man. I feel completely safe in his care and trust his judgment. I wished I had transferred sooner.

Carole K ,

Very efficient, knowledgeable, personable, gentle, reasonable prices. I went to the same dentist for 25 years and was a bit apprehensive about trying a new dentist when moving from Florida to Virginia. I don’t get nervous about coming to see Dr. Adam Roca. I recommend your practice to anyone I know who is looking for a new dentist.


Dr. Adam Roca is absolutely fantastic. He is great with our two boys who are 4 and 8. He (and his father) have also almost completely cured me of my once almost debilitating fear of going to the dentist. We also saw Dawn this visit and she was great with both boys.


In every conceivable way, Roca Dental is exceptional. Easily the best experience I’ve had yet with a dentist. Dr. Adam Roca is not just a top drawer dentist, but a super nice guy who has a gift for making his patients feel at ease. I trust him and anyone who works for him implicitly. To put it simply, Roca Dental is the best! Thanks! Rick Taylor


I feel like I am walking into an office where they genuinely care about you as a person, that’s a great feeling of comfort to have. I am doing well with my invisalign so far, no pain whatsoever! Thanks you! Betsy K.


On a Saturday afternoon my crown came off while having lunch and I frantically went online to find an available Saturday emergency dentist. I left Dr. Adam Roca a voicemail on his cell and he called me back within the hour to schedule an after hours visit just a few hours later.

Let me just say that I do not particularly like going to the dentist because I don’t like pain or any unpleasant scraping sounds. My experience was terrific! Sounds so strange to say that about a trip to the dentist. He was just a few minutes late to meet me but sent me a text message to notify me. He explained to me in detail exactly what he was doing and I felt completely at ease. He was warm, friendly and took the time to make sure I was fixed up nice with a gentle touch! He even showed me pictures of my teeth to further explain his process. Dr. Roca, you rock! (And you saved me from a weekend of hiding) I’ll definitely be back and I look forward to it. Sincerest thanks!!

Nicole Khan,

John White. Its hard to enjoy a visit to the dentist but I’m treated so well and everything is explained so thoroughly that its actually pleasant in a way and interesting. Your team does a great job!!

John White,

I had a wonderful visit! The technology was impressive and used in a very effective way. Dr. Roca was very good at explaining everything as he went. I felt in good hands. Unlike many dentists/doctors, I never felt like just another patient that needs to be hurried out the door. My husband will be coming next! Thank you!

Jake S,

Everyone is extremely friendly. The office is warm and comfortable. Dr. Adam was kind and sensitive which is really important to me. I have more work to be done and I actually look forward to completing the process. I would certainly recommend your practice to family and friends. C. Lipscomb

C. Lipscomb,

I am most impressed witht he personal approach to patients that Adam approaches his overall practice. The enhanced information exchange made possible by his application of technology is also very impressive. I believe these combined patient care capabilities provide both Dr. & patient with a higher quality of information exchange in a collaborative setting.


like the thouroughness with which my teeth are cared for by Drs. Roca. I also like that I don’t ever have to wait very long before I am called to see the dentist. Finally, I really like getting the text message reminders of my appointment. Thank you for such great service.


I’d been avoiding choosing a dentist in DC, but finally took the plunge and picked Dr. Roca randomly off the list of places my insurance covered. An excellent choice!

The doctor is incredibly friendly, making conversation and explaining everything to you without expecting you to carry on a conversation when your mouth is wide open and he’s scraping plaque off your teeth.

The office earns another star for the technology they use during your exam. Now, I know a lot of people don’t want to see their teeth or their x-rays, but I love this kind of stuff, so I was thrilled when he whipped my chart up on the large tv screen in the corner and proceeded to show me pictures of my teeth, where the plaque had built up, and explained why my permanent retainer didn’t need to come out yet. Then we took x-rays, and he pulled those up on the screen as well, telling me exactly how they look for cavities and then pointing out the little ones I had on either side of my mouth. (first ones since childhood…that’s what i get for not going to the dentist for two years!)

They earned the third star for their flexibility. My first appointment was at 7 am, and I forgot about it until promptly at 7 when my calendar informed me i was supposed to be at the dentists. They took me anyway, at 7:30, and were very gracious about my complete lack of memory. Then, upon discovering I had cavities that needed to be filled and could only take an appointment before July 15, the receptionist rescheduled her daughter’s appointment so that I could still get treatment while covered by my insurance. Above and beyond, and much appreciated.

The last star is earned purely on a gut feeling. I liked them, they fixed my teeth, and they didn’t hurt me while doing it. I’m sorry that i’ll have to find a new dentist all over again when I move.

The only reason they don’t get 5 stars: I didn’t get the nice little baggie at the end with the toothbrush and floss and stuff. but maybe that’s because i was late.

Emily S. says,

Got me in fast and explained my options in detail. Would recommend! The other dentists I have been to they have the front desk explain the work to you. Dr. Roca sat down with me and explained the different options in detail. I also like the different technology, many things that I have never seen before! I agree with the first review too.

Mike b.,