Laser Dentistry

If you dread going to the dentist due to anxiety over pain and don’t like the traditional dental methods of treatments, or you are searching for a more pain free experience, then laser dentistry could be your answer. The FDA has approved lasers in dentistry deeming lasers as a safe alternative to other methods used in traditional dentistry. Roca Dental located in Arlington, Virginia offers this FDA approved service. Laser dentistry has been around since the 1990’s. Lasers can be used for a variety of procedures such as uncovering partially erupted wisdom teeth, removing decay from cavities, removing infected gum tissue, reducing bacteria in infected areas, treating infections in root canals, and assisting the whitening chemicals used to whiten teeth. Patients will find several advantages to laser dentistry. Lasers are more precise and in many cases eliminate the need for anesthesia. There are fewer chances for bacterial infections and any damage to tissue is minimal. When a laser is used, there is minimal bleeding thus allowing wounds to heal more quickly. Many times stitches are not even required. This gives the patient a much improved dental experience with minimal pain and recovery time. Additionally, laser dentistry will give a patient increased safety as well as a more comfortable experience. Contact Roca Dental to see what we offer in the area of laser services.