Children dentist in Arlington Va

Americans spend billions of dollars a year on dental care but ironically, most of that money is spent on fillings and root canals –the expensive aftermath of years of oral health neglect. Study after study show that children who receive good oral health care starting at a young age tend to have less oral health problems as adults, yet 1 in […]

Dental pain

We are open on the weekends to treat your dental pain.   Saturday and Sunday by appointment only.  please call 703-522-2600 and you will be prompted to dial option “1” to be connected to Dr. Roca’s cell phone.  If there is no answer please leave a message and he will get back to you. Dental Pain When the average dental […]

Mission of Mercy

On Friday and Saturday both Dr. Rocas volunteered over 25 hours to the Mission of Mercy project. M.O.M is a volunteer project where people 200% below the poverty line can qualify for free dental work. MOM project