Arlington Dentist

Arlington Dentist

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If you need an Arlington dentist please give us a call.  We can help with most dental problems.  If you are a new patient needing a general check up and cleaning we will schedule you in the future when it is convenient for you.  If you are a new patient and are experiencing dental pain please call so that we can fit you in the schedule right away.  Reasons why you would want to call a dentist;

arlington dentist that can help you with all your dental needs

  • tooth pain
  • tooth abscess
  • broken tooth
  • chipped tooth
  • tooth ache
  • cracked tooth




We recommend to setup routine exam and cleanings every six months.  This way we can keep the teeth and gums healthy.  Another benefit is, if you do have a cavity we can find it before they have a chance to grow too large.  Insurance providers follow this same principle and typically will cover 100% of the visit so that bigger issues do not arise.




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