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Must say my experience at Roca Dental was as pleasant as it could be considering we are talking about a dental procedure. Was not only informed of every detail regarding the procedure, but also shown before and after pictures. After many years of dealing with multiple dental offices in the area, I believe I have found a home with Roca Dental. Dr. Adam Roca and his staff were highly professional and engaging during my visit. Highly recommend without reservation!


State of the art technology, nice treatment rooms (large windows), plus a kind and caring staff = outstanding experience. They take the time to explain everything to you, which I very much appreciated. I never felt rushed, yet I was in and out in no time! Highly recommended!


I went to dental school with Adam. There I had the pleasure of having seven different dentists each do a filling on my teeth (I had some cavities ) . They all hurt me. Each one was sensitive for a period of weeks after, and some still are sensitive to flossing.

A year ago I had Adam do a filling on me. Not only was it painless in all respects, he used the latest technology (stuff I hadn’t seen yet) to make the filling perfect. It never had ANY sensitivity. It never had ANY sensitivity to flossing (which is hard to do). WELL DONE SIR!

Thanks for being me dentist.


Stephen M. Kuzmak, D.D.S.
private practice, Baltimore, MD.h

Stephen M. Kuzmak, D.D.S.,

After years of hearing my sister in law praise the Rocas I finally took her advice and transferred from my terrific dentist (in another town; quite a drive) and made an appointment. First, thanks to Beverly Roca for welcoming me and arranging my appointment and transfer of records. I appreciate her efforts in making a smooth transition for me. And awesome praise and gratitude to Dr. Aurelio Roca. In all the years I have been going to dentists I have never, ever had such a thorough examination and briefing about the condition of my teeth, gums, etc. I thought I had experienced everything good in what dentists can offer, but was completely amazed by Dr. Roca. He is a top-notch dentist in every sense: knowledgeable, up to date, professional, and has a terrific staff. On top of all that he is a very nice man. I feel completely safe in his care and trust his judgment. I wished I had transferred sooner.

Carole K ,