Nearly one-third or 30% of the United States population are afraid of the dentist. This fear can prevent patients from seeking proper care of their teeth. They will avoid the dentist at all costs no matter the level of pain or discomfort. At Roca Dental, we offer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows a patient to undergo extensive dental work without the pain that sometimes occurs with traditional dentistry. A good candidate for sedation would be patients that experience dental anxiety, have a fear of needles, or have a complex procedure scheduled. After talking to you, the dentist will determine the best sedation method for you. They will take into consideration the amount of time your procedure will take and the amount of dental anxiety you have. Most patients find their anxiety greatly diminished when put into a sleep like state. At Roca Dental we will work closely with you to help ease your fears and make your dental experience with us the most relaxed, comfortable, and pain free as possible. We have successfully treated many dental patients with dental anxiety and dental phobia. Contact us if you are in the Arlington, Virginia.